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Harrison | Dallas Graduate Photographer

Harrison. I could write words upon words about this guy and not even come close to scratching the surface of how amazing he is. Aside from his talents, he is a most fascinating person. He is quiet and reserved. He is humble and genuine. And you see him and think, “my goodness this kid is going to do BIG things!” He has the motivation and energy and HEART to dream big and accomplish big things.

If you’re lucky enough to know him, you know just how awesome he is.

Harrison…. sigh. i remember one day i was having a tough time. and out of the blue, you text me to send me words of affirmation and encouragement. and i wondered how you could possibly know that i needed that. ?? and then there was that time that i was half way across the country and you know that i was on my way to get some corn. and even though that seems silly to point out… it made me realize that you pay attention. to life. to others. as much as i want to go on and on and onnnnn about how very talented you are, i feel like that is only a fragment of who and what you are. i keep thinking about amarillo. and the stage at ALT.  and your school. and the academy. and (if i’m selfish) my life. And how in just a few short months you will leave this little home you have here. and i know. i KNOW what awaits you is huge. and big. and alluring. and just frickin’ waiting for you. and maybe i won’t get to see you after all this. and my kiddo will miss out on your presence and heart in the academy. and well, i just don’t know how to process all of that. i guess it just never occurred to me that our time was limited. but this i do know… i am OH.SO.GLAD that we were fortunate enough to meet you. know you. be loved by you. and to have you make us laugh on stage and off. Harrison, you have an incredible future ahead. and i cannot wait to see you live in your dreams. thank you for making time for me. making time for others.  thank you for the lunch dates. the messages. the laughter. thank you for dallllllasssss. thank you for being like a big brother to my little man. and thank you for making a difference. i believe in you. i love you. and i am always always here!

be infinitely blessed


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