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Katie | Class of 2017

What Katie doesn’t know is that she was the catalyst for a full week of wheels turning in my head. She doesn’t know that the 30 minute conversation we had after our session ended made me love her more than i thought was possible. She is so down to earth and so dedicated to the betterment of life and people that occupy it. I love her heart others.

Katie is graduating this month and we met a few weeks ago for photos. She is beautiful through and through was so much fun to photograph – despite the wind. and cold. and 4 flights of stairs.

Katie – i wish i could turn back my age and have the opportunity to spend time with you and be your friend. i truly believe that you are the kind of person that changes the trajectory of the lives you meet and touch. I have never met anyone your age that has such a great understanding of their gifts and abilities to impact others. Katie Logan, you are the true hands and feet of Christ and i hope i am fortunate enough to witness all that you do in this world. Thank you for sharing the last few moments of your senior year with me. I will forever cherish our time together and will always remember that conversation we had afterwards. You should know that it really opened up my eyes and heart and made me see things in ways i hadn’t before. You, my dear, have truly impacted my life in an hour. I can only imagine what you will do with the rest of your life!

be infinitely blessed

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