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Preston | Class of 2017

Preston. I’m fascinated by him. He has this charming personality and a smile that just makes you feel important to him. He is humble and kind. And is one of the funniest kids i have met.

But what most inspires me about Preston is his desire to spread love and positivity to others through words of encouragement and through his actions. I have seen this kid really devote his energy to building up others, especially in situations where they are approaching him about his accomplishments. And it just makes me stop fast in my tracks and take notice.

He was most recently Gaston in ALT Academy’s production of “Beauty and the Beast.” He is charismatic and giving and everything moms hope their sons grow up to be like. And i, for one, am proud to say that i knew Preston when he was just barely graduating; before heading to college and the real world and really make an impression in this world and on others.

Preston. I think you know how much i adore you. And not just because i tell you often.  I think you have a beautiful potential just waiting to be met. You have the energy and appreciation for life that is contagious and light-hearted. People gravitate to you because of the way you make them feel about themselves – even when they are complete strangers to you. You have a way of making everyone that crosses your path feel important, special, and uplifted. And i aspire to bring more of that into my own life. So thank you! Thank you for taking the time to notice others. For taking the time to speak into people. To hug them. and encourage them. Thank you for your smile. and your heart. and your playful approach toward succeeding in life. i trust that you will excel in anything you put your mind to and am anxiously awaiting to see what all you bring to the table. i am a big fan, preston moore. and i feel so humbled and honored to have met you.

be infinitely blessed




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