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Molly | Class of 2017

For most of my career, i have had the opportunity to photograph Molly once or twice a year. I have watched her grow from a child to this … woman. A part of me was dreading this session, knowing that it would be awhile before i will get to photograph her again. A part of me feels like i have part ownership of her. Like she’s mine.

And here she is… this high school grad. About to head to the University of Texas. Here is my very futile attempt to bring photographic justice to this beautiful creature.

Dear Molly – knowing you is the best kind of gift this life has given me. I love your laugh. your full on laughter. the way you take life and make it yours. i love your energy and your spirit. i can only imagine all the great things that college will bring to you. and i know that you will thrive in anything you set your mind to. it has been PURE joy to photograph you and watch you become who you are today. thank you for being my birthday twin. for sharing all the good you have so willingly. and for blessing me with years and years of memories. i might be crying softly to myself. but it’s a good kind of cry. the one that knows that you have so many more people to influence and bless.

i’m just saying… i’m glad i was one of them.

be infinitely blessed


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