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Macalle | Class of 2017

I first met Macalle a few years ago through our church. She had the most contagious laughter. Not to mention this smile that she has that just makes it impossible for you to not smile back. I remember thinking then how much fun it would be to photograph her. Fast forward to this spring when we met to photograph her senior year photos.

I knew we would have a great time, but i didn’t realize that it was possible to love this girl more than i already did! She kept me laughing the entire time. I am so excited to share some of my favorites!

So i would ask Macalle to not smile. Be serious. She would go serious and i could see the struggle in her eyes. So i would say “ok, you can smile” and she would literally say “THANK YOU!” and burst into a full face smile and laughter. i love it!!!!! Macalle. You, my dear, make it well known … just by being you…. that this life and this world will only benefit from your heart. your spirit. your faith. and kindness. You are one of the most focused seniors i have had the fortune to know. It has been a true joy looking out into a room and seeing you. It has been a joy to watch you these last few years become this incredible young woman with the kind of energy that can change lives. I await your successes and to see how much fun you bring to everyone around you! thank you for choosing me. Thank you for being so sweet. and kind. and for having the kind of personality that makes people instantly happy.

be infinitely blessed

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