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Maddy | Class of 2017

This sweet young lady is graduating high school in a couple of months. I have just recently met Maddy. I am slightly bitter about that because she’s awesome and everything fun and joyful. She has big dreams. And goals. the best sense of humor.

and well… she’s also a complete beauty.

maddddddy! thanks for an absolute blast! you are so much fun to be around and i love finally meeting you and being able to spend the entire time laughing. you are positivity and joy and are truly beautiful from the inside out. thank you for sharing your afternoon with me. thank you for the sweet and funny texts and for being an outstanding young lady. ¬†you are the kind of young lady that makes me feel hopeful and excited for the future of our community and this world! i am excited to see what you accomplish and to see how you overcome this minor detour. you are going to be stronger, more aligned, and focused! I’ll be cheering you on, girlie!

be infinitely blessed

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March. 10. 2017 - 3:35 pm

Debbie Keyes - Just beautiful!!!

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