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when i first started photography, i attended a workshop where they suggested that once a month we get out and shoot something entirely for ourselves. No client expectations. No need to produce anything specific. Just a shoot entirely for myself.

I hadn’t seen my friend for a while. We made plans to meet for lunch. And the wind was blowing like crazy that day. Which is saying a lot for Amarillo, Tx.

“i dunno…. i kinda wanna shoot in the wind” – i neverrrrrrr do that. If it’s windy, i reschedule. But i packed my camera in my purse and hopped in Kami’s car and off we went to adventure. Our 20 minutes together was so fun and just what i needed. Kami is a dream to photograph.

and while i may not be afraid to shoot in the wind, i most appreciate people that will embrace life as it’s presented and will trust me enough to let down their guard, be vulnerable and true to their selves…. and let me photograph that.shoot through the moments. my absolute FAVORITE images always come from the moments in between poses. camidelight. and yes i know your name is spelled with a K. thank you for always being you. for sharing that with me. you are one of my most beloved friends. i love your honesty. transparency. complete acceptance of self. i love your intuition. your self awareness. and your ability to uplift and encourage everyone around you. i love our time together and the way you always make me shift my perspective. i love you as much as i love riri. i love our friendship. and our connection. and especially love that you are so generous to share your soul with me and my camera. i don’t even care that you don’t wash your hair. haha.

be infinitely blessed, doll.


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