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Abby | Class of 2017

 You can learn a lot from a person when you photograph them. With Abby, i immediately knew she was strong, and determined… focused. She pushed through photos on this cold and very windy afternoon. She’d shiver between poses. She’d take a deep breath, give herself a mental push, and then she’d smile and kill it.

I imagine that she has the same disposition in all other areas of life; breezing through challenges and tough situations. It’s young ladies like her that make me so excited for the future. This sweet girl is graduating high school. And while I only recently met Abby, i know she will reach and surpass her full potential.

Abby – you are beautiful through and through. I so enjoyed our time in the cold wind and cannot wait to see your talents on stage next month! I will be cheering you on in your future endeavors and can only hope to see more and more of you in the time to come! thank you for sharing your senior year memories with me. but mostly, thank you for being so positive and radiant.

be infinitely blessed

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