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Mireya | Class of 2017

She’s quiet. And studious. Very independent. That’s really all i ever knew of her. Until we met for her graduate session. And, if i’m honest, i’ll tell you that i haven’t laughed that much on a session in a long time. Which is to say, i laughed more than A LOT! Anyway, we had a great time together and i am happy to have gotten to know this girl and her big dreams a little better that morning!

Mireya, thank you for choosing me and trusting me to photograph you.  There are so many great things about you and i feel like i have only been fortunate to see a few. I know that you will succeed in all you do. I pray that you continue to allow people to see and experience the amazing things that lie within you and that you have abundance of favor returned to you for sharing your fun, playful, giving, and energetic spirit.

be infinitely blessed



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