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Erasmo + Briana | Married

I met Briana many many years ago. I first noticed how strikingly beautiful she is. I only knew her through our circle of friends and never really had the courage to approach her and tell her how beautiful i thought she was. One day, out of the blue, she messaged me about wedding photography. I promise you i screamed a little.

but the real beauty became evident when i met Erasmo and Briana to discuss their wedding day. They are a true story of a couple who has grown together and overcome obstacles on their journey… and now they emerge victorious into their marriage.

Erasmo and Briana – thank you so much for asking me to be on this journey with you. You are real. and honest. and true. I love that you go on with life as it comes and that you embrace each other as you are in this stage of life. it has also been a complete joy to see you continue to carry on your message of inner beauty to those around you. your heart for yourselves, your family, your friend and people you haven’t even met yet just blows me away and inspires me to do more myself! again, a sincere note of appreciation to all of you for inviting me to be a witness to your story.

be infinitely blessed



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