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Year in Review | 2016

I don’t ever say this… but i felt like 2016 was MY YEAR. and i cannot wait to see what 2017 brings.

this year, i photographed 93 portrait sessions, 5 births, 14 weddings. I was published in three magazines, and even had my photos posted on Huffington Post! 

I started a new photographic partnership with a local marketing company, NoBox Creative. I did some real estate photography. I photographed two church conferences. and I joined the team with Dru Ammons on her style blog. This has opened up tremendous doors for me and i am so excited to work on new projects outside of my comfort zone.

But this year… was my year of travel. I traveled to Colorado 5 times this year, Dallas 7 times, NYC 4 times, San Antonio twice, OKC twice, New Mexico twice. and then visited new places: Indiana, Utah, Arizona. I revisited Pagosa Springs, and Austin and finalllllly made my way down to Marfa, TX – a long time dream of mine. I closed my year of travel with Los Angeles.

I went on my very first service trip to Nicaragua and fell in love with it. I plan to return at least once this year. This truly was the most meaningful trip i have ever been on. And it was where i felt like i was doing my life’s calling; serving others.

thinking that that would be the furthest i would go, i found myself joining 7 other women in Paris, France! I never ever ever everrrrrr in my wildest dreams thought that i would visit France.  But there i learned that it is okay to ask “WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE?”  Following Paris, i briefly visited London and fell in love, and promised that i would return to visit her very soon!

Friends, clients, family…. and really, if you’re one of those… you’re ALL of those. I love you. I love this game. this life. these opportunities. I love that you believe in me to ask me to join you for your adventures and milestones and journeys. i am so excited to see what i have to write about 2017 at the close of year.

Just dream big. Do it. be it. live it. Because things always work out for you. All things in all ways!

be infinitely blessed

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