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Tyler and Halzie | Wedding

Maybe the best thing about being a wedding photographer is being a part of the journey. The memories. It’s being a part of the things that happen all day leading up to vows and celebration.

Tyler and Halzie had a wedding day that i have never experienced before. It was the most peaceful, Christ-centered, and humbled day. It was the way they quietly dressed. the way their friends and family prayed over them. the way the entire room stopped their preparations to take a moment to do praise and worship. it was just allll so peaceful. and moving.

bwingo000bwingo001bwingo002bwingo003Tyler and Halzie chose to see each other before the ceremony.  I love when couples take time for themselves on the wedding day. bwingo004bwingo005Tyler has been a friend/little brother of mine for a few years now. It has been such an honor to know him and to know his heart. But to know his heart for this woman… Its evident in the way he looks at her, cares for her, speaks of her. bwingo006bwingo007bwingo008bwingo009bwingo010bwingo011bwingo012bwingo013bwingo015bwingo016bwingo017bwingo018bwingo019bwingo020bwingo021bwingo022Tyler and Halzie – i am so so soooo honored to have been your memory keeper and to have had the opportunity to get to know you better as individuals and as a couple. I have so much faith in your relationship and your passion for each other and for God. You will do so many amazing things and are just the kind of people that make a difference in this lifetime and in this world. I am proud to know you. To call you friends. And honored to have been a witness to the way you express God’s love for us to each other. thank you for having me along. i love you both tremendously.

be infinitely blessed


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