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Once upon a time, a college student emailed me asking if she could interview me for a project she was working on. We met over coffee and (likely) red velvet cake. I immediately loved her. She had a beautiful personality and radiated with joy. It is contagious.

Over the years, i have been lucky enough to be along for Meg and Derrick during their engagement, wedding, pregnancy and birth. But more important are the times we spent between those sessions.  the times they’ve shared their memories with us. or the time meg sat with me while i was in tears and she prayed over me and held my hands.

I rarely meet people as generous and genuinely caring as Derrick and Meg. They are kind and good hearted. The kind of people you want on your side. It is such an honor to help them celebrate their milestones and growth as a family.

16fcmeg000 16fcmeg002Nothing ever seems more manly to me than a man that loves his family. Derrick is a wonderful dad. i LOVE that Coral is so at peace with him. It speaks volumes of their connection with each other.16fcmeg00116fcmeg00316fcmeg00416fcmeg00516fcmeg00616fcmeg00716fcmeg00816fcmeg00916fcmeg010Derrick and Meg – honest to goodness. there are so many things i could say about you and how much you mean to me. i love how big you love and admire you both for being amazing friends, family, and parents. thank you for continuing to share your blessings with me. it truly means the world to me.

be infinitely blessed



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