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Galland Family | 2016

when Rhiana calls me to tell me she needs photos, i get really excited. because seriously… these five can do no wrong in front of the camera!f16grhianna000f16grhianna001f16grhianna002f16grhianna003f16grhianna004f16grhianna005f16grhianna006f16grhianna007f16grhianna008f16grhianna009f16grhianna010f16grhianna011f16grhianna012f16grhianna013f16grhianna014f16grhianna015thank you SO much for sharing your family with me. and for being so gracious when i have a momentary lapse of sanity. you are all so very sweet and it has been a treasure to get to know you through the years. I am excited for your new arrival and hope that the odds all work in our favor and that i get to meet this precious bebe of yours in the first moments of life!

be infinitely blessed



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