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Marco + Kim | Amarillo Wedding Photographer

Marco and Kim’s wedding was unique. The entire was gentle and calm. I watched them each take care of others their entire day. Kim was so attentive to her friends. Marco laughed and joked with the guys. But the truly amazing thing was that everyone there agreed that this union, this marriage, was a fulfillment of God’s promises to us.

they share a very tender love with each other. one that comes from within. and from a truly spiritual place.

But the best part about the way they love each other, is that this is also the way they love others around them. Completely. Wholly. and unconditionally.

bgonzalezwedding000bgonzalezwedding001bgonzalezwedding002bgonzalezwedding003bgonzalezwedding004I love that they took time before the ceremony to meet and pray together. bgonzalezwedding005bgonzalezwedding007bgonzalezwedding008bgonzalezwedding009bgonzalezwedding010bgonzalezwedding011bgonzalezwedding012Their wedding party gathered around them for prayer during the ceremony. bgonzalezwedding013bgonzalezwedding014After the ceremony, Marco and Kim wanted their first act as husband and wife to be sharing communion with their friends and family. This was my favorite part of the day and truly speaks of the faith and heart.bgonzalezwedding015bgonzalezwedding016bgonzalezwedding017bgonzalezwedding018bgonzalezwedding019bgonzalezwedding020bgonzalezwedding021bgonzalezwedding022bgonzalezwedding023bgonzalezwedding024Marco and Kim. Watching your relationship grow has been so rewarding. You are both a testament of what love and life and faith is all about. I am so honored to have seen your journey unfold from the beginning and feel so special that you would share your stories with me. I come away from your wedding day feel refreshed and invigorated knowing that God truly does know the desires of our hearts and that He is so faithful in His promises to us. I know you will have an abundantly anointed marriage and look forward to seeing all that you continue to accomplish in this life you’ve been given. thank you again for sharing all that you are so freely with me and for being the best kind of people i know.

be infinitely blessed


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