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Brian and Lindsey | Colorado Engagement Photographer

Brian and Lindsey. Their two pups. and Colorado air.

I loved meeting Brian and Lindsey and hearing about their recent engagement. They are beautiful people with genuine smiles and hearts. We met briefly for an engagement session but spent most of our time talking about their relationship and playing with the dogs. They are down to earth and loving people and meeting them for the first time felt like meeting with old friends.



brlindsey001brlindsey002oh my gawsh. i just want to hug my computer monitor. are these dogs cute, or are they cute?!brlindsey003brlindsey004brlindsey005brlindsey006brlindsey007brlindsey008brlindsey009brlindsey010brlindsey011Brian and Lindsey. Thank you for meeting with me and allowing me to be your first photographer as a couple! Congratulations on all the good and fun in your life. I know that you will enjoy every bit of your journey! It was a true joy to meet you and get to highlight these very special first memories!

be infinitely blessed



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