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Laura | Amarillo Maternity Photographer

Laura … i briefly saw her getting out of her vehicle. I first noticed that she was stunning. and super stylish. then she turned around and i saw that she was pregnant. And well… pregnant + beautiful = my favorite combination. So i talked myself into going over to talk to her. And then i talked myself out of it. and then talked myself into it again. because i HAD to ask her if she had maternity photos done. and if not… how long would i have to beg in order for her to choose me?!

Turns out, she hadn’t had them done yet and was going to be delivering any day now!!! So i asked her made her put my number in her phone to call me for maternity photos. The next day… Laura and i met for photos. and all was right in the world. because just look at her!!!!balaura000balaura001balaura002geeeeeeeeeeeeeeet out. you are stunning. balaura003balaura004balaura005balaura006balaura007balaura008laura… thank you for not thinking i was completely crazy. or for going along with it long enough to meet me for photos! this was the highlight of my week and i am SO thrilled to have met you and been able to get to know you better! congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful baby girl! tomorrow is a GREAT day to have a baby!

be infinitely blessed


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