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James Henry’s Birthday | Amarillo Birth Photographer

I  had been in Palo Duro Canyon with no cell phone service when Julie let me know she was in labor.  When i finally returned to the rim of the Canyon i started receiving alerts from her. I quickly rushed back into town… thinking i would miss it. I literally ran the entire way through the parking lot, hospital entrance and through the hospital hallways … sweat covered and bathed in insect repellent.

but things were much more calm in the delivery room. Julie was sitting in bed smiling and the staff was quietly preparing for his arrival. Shortly after, James arrived in a similar fashion; calm. no fuss. and laid back baby perfection!

Amarillo Birth Photography000Amarillo Birth Photography001Amarillo Birth Photography002Amarillo Birth Photography003Amarillo Birth Photography004Amarillo Birth Photography005one of my favorite moments after a baby is born is when a man “stands in the gap” between the mother and her baby while they are both getting post delivery care. It happens naturally and it is one of the most pure moments that occurs. It always brings a tear to my eye to see this.Amarillo Birth Photography006Amarillo Birth Photography007Amarillo Birth Photography008Amarillo Birth Photography009Amarillo Birth Photography010Amarillo Birth Photography011Amarillo Birth Photography012Amarillo Birth Photography013Amarillo Birth Photography014The following morning, i came back to see him meet his four older siblings. Amarillo Birth Photography015Amarillo Birth Photography016Amarillo Birth Photography017Amarillo Birth Photography018Amarillo Birth Photography019Amarillo Birth Photography020Amarillo Birth Photography021Amarillo Birth Photography022Amarillo Birth Photography023Amarillo Birth Photography024these next few photos make me cry. this is why i love birth photography so much. the love just overflows. Amarillo Birth Photography025Amarillo Birth Photography026Amarillo Birth Photography027Amarillo Birth Photography028Amarillo Birth Photography029Amarillo Birth Photography030Amarillo Birth Photography031Amarillo Birth Photography032Amarillo Birth Photography033Amarillo Birth Photography034Randall and Julie – i so appreciate you allowing me to be a part of your memories and the arrival of your son. Your birth story will remain one of my most favorite. Thank you for sharing this with me and for being so generous and welcoming at every step! i look forward to seeing you more in the future !

be infinitely blessed



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August. 10. 2016 - 5:19 am

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