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Eloise’s Birthday | Amarillo Birth Photographer

The thing about Molly is this… she puts her mind to something. and she does it. there’s a determination about her. I’ve been fortunate to watch her tackle many other projects and events… each of them being her baby. So it came as no surprise, honestly, that the birth of her second daughter, Eloise, would be seemingly effortless and natural.

I practically invited myself to be in the delivery room with Molly. From the moment i found out she was pregnant, i started asking her about her due date and would i be there.  A few weeks prior, Molly finally said, “ok, let’s do this.”

I got the call that it was go time. The rest went by so quickly and easily. The entire room was light hearted and fun. and then we all got to meet eloise in all of her seven pound perfection.

bCMolly000bCMolly001bCMolly002bCMolly003bCMolly004bCMolly005bCMolly006nothing gets me emotional as easily as a daddy seeing his baby for the first time. bCMolly007bCMolly008bCMolly009bCMolly010bCMolly011bCMolly012bCMolly013bCMolly014i love when the family comes in. when you can see people falling in love. it’s the most amazing feeling in the world. and being a witness to it is so indescribable. bCMolly015bCMolly016bCMolly017bCMolly018bCMolly019bCMolly020Phoebe was THE.MOST.EXCITED. big sister i have ever seen!bCMolly021bCMolly022bCMolly023bCMolly024bCMolly025bCMolly026bCMolly027bCMolly028bCMolly029Spencer, Molly and Phoebe… i am so honored to be included in your family memories. thank you for sharing this very special time with me and for being so generous and welcoming. you are amazing people and make the best kind of parents to your precious girls!

be infinitely blessed


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