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Alexis | Styled Fashion Shoot

i am endlessly happy to share these images with you.  Alexis and i have been talking about photos for quiet some time.  A few weeks ago, we put together a style concept. I am always excited to be granted creative freedom and liberty.  Alexis is crazy photogenic and made even the most random/sketchy places look spectacular.

And while i have come away from this session with a ton of images that i love, i come away from  this with even more memories with this fantastic young lady.

here are just a handful (or five) of my favorites from our afternoon of photography.

bpdAlexis000bpdAlexis001bpdAlexis002bpdAlexis003bpdAlexis004bpdAlexis005bpdAlexis006i love this photo.bpdAlexis007bpdAlexis008bpdAlexis009bpdAlexis010bpdAlexis011bpdAlexis012bpdAlexis013bpdAlexis014the bigger the hair… the closer to God.

that’s our motto and we’re sticking to it. bpdAlexis015bpdAlexis016bpdAlexis017bpdAlexis018bpdAlexis019bpdAlexis020bpdAlexis021bpdAlexis022bpdAlexis023bpdAlexis024Alexis. I cannot put into words how thankful i am that you have shared your life and personality with me. I would lie down in traffic for you. You are an outstanding young lady with so much talent.  I know you are just now beginning to see what God reveals to you and what your future will provide. I know you will make us all so proud. I cannot wait to celebrate you. Celebrate your achievements. your successes. your plans. your future. your passions.  You have the whole world ahead of you and i am so so sooooo thankful that you share even just a tiny bit of that with me. Thank you for being so open and willing and for giving me a sweet and cherished friendship with you. I adore you and want you to know that i am here for you!!!!

be infinitely blessed


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