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Kami Delight | Styled Shoot

i first met Kami a few years ago through mutual friends. I didn’t know much about her but i knew she was a unique. yes *a* unique. And through the years we have squealed at each other and run across church foyers to hug it out. We have shared laughs. and snaps. and memories. and journeys. and lunch dates. and horchata selfies. And this girl has quickly become one of those people in my life that i wish i could be more like. The kind of girl that is unapologetically who she is.

Kami and i had lunch a few weeks ago and briefly talked about, you know… pointing my camera at her face. But that was it. A couple of days later, we actually made plans to meet. And what started off as a simple “bring two outfit and let’s just play around” turned into late night texts about bringing more. and more. and morrrrrre.

I had anticipated our session to go well. i just didn’t know HOW well. I have been super excited to work on these and share them. And i’ll probably post photos of her for the rest of my life we had sooooo many good ones. But here… here are my most favorite.bMKami001 bMKami002 bMKami003 bMKami004 bMKami005 bMKami006 bMKami007bMKami000this water was probably 20 degrees. i mean i guess then it would’ve been ice. so it was probably 34 degrees.  bMKami008 bMKami009 bMKami010my favorite thing about Kami, hands down, is that she didn’t question me for ONE SECOND and she didn’t hesitate to do what i asked of her. Whether it meant to take her shoes off in the mud, or get in the freezing cold water and pretend it was warm and play in it, or flip her hair back and forth at my every whim… or…. OR TO BREAK OUT THE GLITTER and pour it all over her hands and then … you know… touch your face and your hair. Glitter is pure evil. you can never get rid of it. i’m sure she’s still finding it in her car or hair or clothes. but she did it. because she was dedicated to helping me and my vision. and if that wasn’t amazeballs enough of her already… when i would hit a creative snag, she would offer her own movements and suggestions and … gosh. it just made me love her all the more. and i didn’t think that was possible.  bMKami011 bMKami012 bMKami013 bMKami014 bMKami015 bMKami016i want to print this off the size of my car and frame it to my wall. this image of you … you are perfect. bMKami017 bMKami018um. a headdress, y’all. a frickin’ HEADDRESS! bMKami019 bMKami020 bMKami021 bMKami022i want you to love these next three images as much as i do. show of hands, please. bMKami023 bMKami024i’m not even gonna say thank you for the coming along with me on this. i’m not going to say thank you for indulging me. because really… i am just so dang appreciative and lucky to know you and to have been able to spend an afternoon creating with you. this was such a wonderful way to spend the first part of 2016. thank you for being a constant positive vibe in my life. for always greeting me with excitement and hugs. and for always being down for tacos. i cannot get enough of you and loved every single second of Kami and Chriselda’s day of fun.

be infinitely blessed!siggy

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