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Earlier this month, we found ourselves in paradise. Hawaii is so beautiful and the air is so easy to breathe.  Many things happened on this trip. But i was so caught up in actually being in the moment that i didn’t take many photos. i know i know… what kind of photographer am i?!

But the truth is, Hawaii did something for me that no other trip i have been on before ever has. Here are a few of my favorite photos from our time on the island!

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Hawaii Photographer000 Hawaii Photographer001 Hawaii Photographer002shortly after touching this sea turtle, my child gave me the greenlight to pack us up and move us to the island Hawaii Photographer003Hawaii Photographer004if i had a dollar for every pineapple i ate….  My favorite was when we stopped by a fruit market on the side of the road and had it sliced right on the spot. It was so cold and delicious and is probably one of my most favorite things about Hawaii…. their fruit.  Hawaii Photographer005If you’ve never had coconut water right from a coconut, you’re missing out. It was so tasty. Hawaii Photographer006My child would literally pout at the door to our room because he wanted to be outside so badly. This child snorkeled every day we were there. And it was the last thing we did before we packed up and made our way to the airport. He just loved being out in the water!  Hawaii Photographer007This is from our hike at the Akaka Falls. The trees were so big and tall. Photos just don’t do ANY of this justice. It is just something you have to see for yourself.  Hawaii Photographer008 Hawaii Photographer009 Hawaii Photographer010Luau.  Hawaii Photographer011 Hawaii Photographer012Looking back, i wish i had documented our trip better and that i had photographed more than i did. But I was so caught up in hanging out and meeting my child on a new level. I look back on these photos and realize there are whole EVENTS that i didn’t photograph. It makes me kind of sad. but on the other hand, that meant that i was actually a part of the memories and that i wasn’t just photographing them. And well, i’m ok with that.  Hawaii, you were so good to us and i cannot wait until we meet again.

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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August. 24. 2016 - 11:05 am

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