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Logan’s Birthday | Amarillo Birth Photographer

Birth stories provide something very different for me.  When i pick up my camera and start visually capturing a story about the day two people become parents and a child becomes a part of this world… There is a flood of emotions and spiritual overflow.  I still cannot believe that i get to witness moments like this. That families welcome me into the most surreal and vulnerable days of their lives.

Kirstin called me the morning she delivered. Rather calmly. You know… well…

“i was vacuuming the car and my water broke. So i’ll call you later when i feel like i’m in labor”

a few hours later, i was at the hospital with Kirstin and her family. Things progressed quickly and intensely. And just a few moments later, Kirstin was able to hold this beautiful little man. I could tell you a million things about his birthday. I could tell you about all the emotions i felt. And you would know… you would know why birth photography is my absolute favorite part about being a photographer.

bVKirstin000 bVKirstin001 bVKirstin002 bVKirstin003 bVKirstin004bVKirstin005they don’t prepare you for this. they just don’t. the moment you hold your baby for the first time. my goodness. it’s such a wonderful feeling. you feel it in all the corners of your body and your heart will physically change it’s rhythm.  bVKirstin006bVKirstin007::this:: bVKirstin008 bVKirstin009 bVKirstin010 bVKirstin011bVKirstin012bVKirstin013 bVKirstin014 bVKirstin015 bVKirstin016 bVKirstin017 bVKirstin018

i LOVE that births in this family are a group effort. bVKirstin019and now i’ll just cry.  bVKirstin020 bVKirstin021 bVKirstin022 bVKirstin023 bVKirstin024Kirstin – thank you so much for sharing this with me. All of it. The unexpected parts. the late night phone calls. the questioning moments of “is this labor?” the most delicate moments in your life as a woman and mother. I am forever thankful that you shared this all with me and that you were all so welcoming and embracing. I enjoyed this entire journey and am so excited to see Logan grow this year!

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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