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Jesse & Christeen

Jesse and Christeen are friends of mine … and a lovely couple. I was driving down the street in awe of all the chirstmas lights when i had this idea to take pics of a couple. it would test me creatively. re-energize me. and end this year of photo shoots on a high note! So i called Christeen and told her i needed them to step in as models. thanks for being… well… perfect.

bHChristeen000bHChristeen001this looks like a movie still. i love it.bHChristeen002bHChristeen003Christeen is one of the most unique humans i have ever met. she is so talented. but beyond all of that… she has a charm about her that makes her so magnetic. i just LOVE this girl!¬†bHChristeen004bHChristeen005bHChristeen006bHChristeen007this photo came right after their “Blue Steel” faces. but really… this is jesse and christeen. they have such a fun and light hearted relationship. laughing is easy. being silly is even more so. and this… makes¬†me happy. to see my friend in such a beautiful place.bHChristeen008bHChristeen009Jesse and Christeen – so glad i know you. so glad you modeled. so glad we froze and walked away smelling like mashed potatoes. it was all so very worth it. thank you for sharing your evening with me. but also for proving that simple and true love still exists.

i just LOVE you

be infinitely blessedsiggy

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August. 31. 2015 - 12:05 pm

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