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25K Trail Running

Remember how i told you i was training for a 25K trail run? well… it’s the monday morning after said run.

A few fun morsels about my experience  in my first (and last) 25K trail run: The Tatur’s Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd

1) this trail run was the most difficult and painful thing I have EVER done. And I’ve given birth….. After TWELVE HOURS OF LABOR.

2) yo-yo ma music was surprisingly more motivating than J.Timberlake.

3) there are no clouds in Oklahoma. Only sun. And more sun.

4) there was no cell phone service the entire trail. Therefore, I couldn’t call anyone and quit and ask for a pickup.

5) after running up the steepest.hill.ever … I was rewarded with bacon and waffles.

6) i’m really glad i didn’t see any snakes. because it was physically impossible to run any faster.

7) Running long distances really moves your bowels. You shouldn’t underestimate the explosive dangers of passing gas. (Not speaking from personal experience)

8) if I never wear shoes again… That’s perfectly ok with me.

9) running DOWN steep hills is just as challenging (if not more) than running up one.

10) I was NOT smelling my personal best.

11) I may have been slow… But I wasn’t last

12) in May 2012, I crossed the finish line of my third half marathon. I swore I would never run again. And here I was… 7 hours away from home and having completed a huge (to me) race. Now… I plan to truly NEVER RUN AGAIN. I will type it up. Print it out. And get it notarized. That was as hard as I thought it would be. Yes I’m proud I finished. Thankful that God gave me strength to do it. And the view was gorgeous. Great experience. But seriously…. Never again.

i was runnnnang!

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