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the Bergeskis | Amarillo Family Photographer

nothing makes my job more enjoyable than a family like this one.  Steve and Angelica… and Connor… they are long time friends of mine who have shared their journey and memories with me.  A few weeks ago, we got together for an afternoon well spent with photos.

seriously. this makes my heart get all gooeythis sweet precious little boy is named after my brother, Connor.  He is the kind of kid that makes me happy instantly. he warms my heart and makes me feel like a little piece of my brother will always remain a part of this world.  and now that i’m crying….steve, angelica, and conman…. you are a light in my sometimes cloudy sky. you are a breath of fresh air. and i am so thankful that our winding, bumpy, detouring, and memory-filled paths have crossed and now run alongside each other. you bring so much to my family. thank you for sharing yours with me!

be infinitely blessed

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