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Coral | Amarillo Birth Photographer

“i love her”

it was the only thing anyone could manage to say. “i love her”

the room was filled with joy. the deep joy that comes from some sacred place. the place that knew this little girl before she was even a part of this life. the place that held the story of a journey. the journey of love. and overcoming. and miracles.

Coral’s arrival into her parents arms and family’s hearts was nothing short of miraculous.

Derrick and Meg were so calm and collected. Even when monitors beeped and nurses hurried around the room. theirĀ  focus never left each other or their baby girl.meg would say “i love her” and lean her head back and tears of happiness and love would overflow. and then she’d look down at her again. ” i love her”the following morning i came by to see this beautiful little girl and found her in the middle of her first photo shoot. what a proud daddy he is.i can’t look at this and not tear up.this little lady has stolen all of our hearts!Derrick & Meg… and little Coral…. it … i just couldn’t have spent my day in a better way. thank you for sharing your stories with me. your memories. and your family. and for always being so considerate, compassionate, and exemplary of love and life. you inspire me! Enjoy your slideshow

Coral’s Birthday! from chriselda on Vimeo.

be infinitely blessed

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