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Nick | NYC Bound

the very first time i met him, he was just a teenager. and he knocked over his drink at our weekly Taco Tuesday lunch. i was annoyed (at best) by this kid.   And then he grew up into a young man. and then he had a role on the ALT stage for Over the Tavern. but… then he was in Equus. and he blew my mind.

shortly after graduating, nick moved away for college. i would literally count down the days until i would get to see him again. I traveled to ACU to see him in plays and each trip home, he’d make sure to call me. He became the little brother that i needed in my life and i… i cannot be more proud of the man that stands before me today.

As we speak, Nick is in NYC meeting and networking… and while there’s a part of me that misses him and wants him here where i can see him and hug him and love on him… there’s also a part of me that knows NYC is a much more deserving place for his talent and passion for theatre. Nick… you …


and because nick is so generous, he allowed me to take a few shots of him in a more relaxed and casual environment… Waffle House.  I made this joke that these photos were “just for me” – meaning i wanted to take some non-posed photos… candids. But then we realized how creepy it sounded to keep saying “just for me”….  “these are for me”nick. i don’t have to tell you. cause you know. times ten.

now go get ’em.

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